Département Féminin gathers creators and houses of exception. Each of them is carefully studied and chosen, the objective is to select leading products of mastered know-how, a protected inheritance and anchoring in modernity. Four main values are registered in the genetic code of the shop.

The passion

We are fascinated by this job, which touches the individual being, the culture but also because of what the garment brings to each woman: well-being, self-coincidence and opening in the others. We try to anticipate the desires and wishes of our customers, which we caringly listen while bringing unique attention to them. 

The taste of undertaking: creativity and innovation

The creativity and innovation are the mainsprings of a group that builds itself and grows with the company. These values are at the heart of a worked association: renew our offer by encouraging the diversity of the profiles in order to favor an international brilliance to multiply the creative energies.  

The open-mindedness

We are aware of the requirement of our customers, this is why we always try to develop and to increase our relations with the clients. For us, it is essential to listen to their stories in order to understand their culture and answer accurately to the infinite different aspirations of every single customer worldwide.

The pursuit of excellence

Within Département Féminin we are in constant search for absolute aestheticism while protecting fervently the image of the different houses. We pay meticulous and careful attention to details, from product to service, it is in this quest of excellence that we cultivate our difference.

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