Aurélie Bidermann

Aurélie Bidermann

In the hands of Aurélie Bidermann, high fantasy becomes jewelry. Precious traceries and braided bracelets stained with naturalism, as in an extraordinary cabinet of curiosities. At the heart of this solar universe tinged with exoticism, gold reigns supreme. An unbearable lightness? Rather an exquisite excess and the pledge of a delicious irreverence.

The jewelry of Aurélie Bidermann is dipped in gold, finely engraved and gracefully set with precious stones by the most meticulous of craftsmen. But above all, each piece is in perfect harmony with the collections that can be found at Département Féminin, opening the way for associations that have personality, both fanciful and poetic, fulfilling an exact and natural elegance. A touch of timelessness and a pinch of folly brighten each garment and the elegance of the extravagance. 

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